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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are this year's Official Festival Venues?

A. Marine Hall (housing the Information Desk, Merchandise, Singing Breakfasts, Craft Fair, Welcome Singaround, Mainstage, Wyre Lounge Fringe). The Mount (Acoustic Concerts), The Bug  (Sessions), Fleetwood Museum (Heritage), New Boston Hotel (TBC) and North Euston (Fringe  and Song Circle). Please Support Our   Venues.  OTHER VENUES ARE NOT   OFFICIAL VENUES  

Q. Do the music venues serve cask ales?

A. All of the venues sell a selection of cask ales, except for the  Museum.  

Q. Do the music venues serve food?

A. The North Euston serves bar meals and  has a restaurant. The Mount serves freshly made food each day. The Marine Hall will be serving breakfast and light snacks. New Boston Hotel serves food.  

Q. Will there be late night food available?

A. Fleetwood boasts a wide range of late night takeaways.  The Campsite Stewards will have a selection of takeaway/delivery menus.  

Q. Are we allowed to bring our pets?

A. Well managed/behaved pets are welcome on the campsite and we do request that campers clean up after their animals and ensure they are kept on a leash. Fleetwood is a very animal friendly town and there is a lovely promenade along the coast although we cannot guarantee that individual venues will permit animals to be on their premises.  

Q. We are arriving earlier in the week, is anything happening?

A. On Thurdsay night our Welcome Singaround takes place at 8pm in the Wyre Lounge at Marine Hall. The venue is wheelchair accessible and the Information and Merchandise Desk will be in the foyer. Fleetwood Folk Club host a Survivors' Session on Monday Evening at The Steamer and Fleetwood Acoustic Room is on Tuesday Evening at 8pm the North Euston Hotel.

Q. Are the venues wheelchair friendly?

A. North Euston, The Mount, Marine Hall, New Boston Hotel and The Bug are wheelchair friendly. Fleetwood Museum is accessible at the rear on Custom House Lane, enabling you to attend Harriet Boat Hall concerts however the Upstairs Room remains inaccessible for wheelchairs. It is helpful to let the Museum know in advance on 01253 876621. ​​

Q. Are children welcome?

A. Children are welcome with responsible adults, prices are available at fabweekend2019.eventbrite.co.uk   

Q. Is the camping fee per person or per night?

A. Thursday £7 per person. Friday  to Sunday  £18 per person. The campsite must be vacated by  noon on Monday.

Q. Will there be a craft fair?

A. We will be having a Craft Fair in the Waterfront Cafe at the Marine Hall. This is open to the general public.

Q. Will I be able to buy a program?

A. There is a programme available for £3.00, it will be available at the Information Desk in the Marine Hall, at the Campsite and Festival Venues. The brochure will have a running order and information about artists and local businesses such as bars, takeaways and restaurants for your information.

Q. Are there banks nearby?

A. There are several banks along Lord Street and some of the venues accepr Switch and Contactless payments.  

Q. Will there be morris dancing?

A. All dancers are welcome, please contact us via the website if you wish to attend with your team.  We provide free camping and weekend tickets to all partaking dancers. info@fleetwoodfolkandblues.com 

Q. If we want to bring our instruments are there places we can play?

A. The Bug on Lord Street is the session venue and there will be  singarounds at other venues throughout the weekend. Friday Afternoon there will be a Welcome Singaround in The Mount hosted by the recently retired Derek & Mary Droscher, founders and former organisers of Banbury Folk Festival and Folk Club. There will also be a session tent with seating on the campsite. So bring, sing, play and enjoy.
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Frequently Asked


Friday 6th April

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Thursday 8th March

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Sunday 1st January

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